Titel Materialien
African Call African Call
Band played Waltzing Mathilda Waltzing Mathilda Alt

Waltzing Mathilda Bass

Waltzing Mathilda Mix

Waltzing Mathilda Sopran

Waltzing Mathilda Tenor

Big Yellow Taxi – Partitur Big yellow Taxi alt

Big yellow Taxi bass

Big yellow Taxi sop

Big yellow Taxi ten

Big yellow Taxi Tutti

Boat on the River fertig – Partitur Boat on the River alt

Boat on the River bass

Boat on the River rough

Boat on the River sopran

Boat on the River tenor

Capri-Fischer Caprifischer NEU

Caprifischer NEU sop

Caprifischer NEU alt

Caprifischer NEU ten

Caprifischer NEU bas

Chasing Cars Chasing Cars – Full

Chasing Cars – Soprano

Chasing Cars – Alto

Chasing Cars – Tenor

Chasing Cars – Bass

Come again Come again – Sopran

Come again (ohne Text) – Sopran

Danny Boy Danny Boy Noten

Danny boy sopran

Danny boy alt

Danny boy Tenor

Danny boy Bass

Down to the River and pray-fertig  

down to the river to pray Sop2

down to the river to pray Sop1

down to the river to pray Alt1

down to the river to pray Alt 2

down to the river to pray Tenor

down to the river to pray Bass

down to the river to pray

Evening rise Evening rise sop

Evening rise sop2

Evening rise alt

Evening rise ten

Evening rise bas

Evening rise

Fisch im Wasser
Fix you Fix you alle Stimmen

Fix you sop 1

Fix you sop 2

Fix you alt

Fix you ten

Fix you bass

Gute Nacht Freunde Gute Nacht Freunde – Noten

gute Nacht Freunde alle strophen

gute Nacht Freunde alle strophen sop

gute Nacht Freunde alle strophen alt

gute Nacht Freunde alle strophen ten

gute Nacht Freunde alle strophen bas

Haus am See Zwischentöne sop1

Haus am See Zwischentöne sop2

Haus am See Zwischentöne sop3

Haus am See Zwischentöne alt1

Haus am See Zwischentöne alt2

Haus am See Zwischentöne tenor

Haus am See Zwischentöne alle Stimmen

Haus am See Zwischentöne bass

Haus_am_See – Noten

Here comes the rain again(arr.gies) – Partitur here comes the rain again alt1

here comes the rain again alt2

here comes the rain again bas

here comes the rain again sop1

here comes the rain again sop2

here comes the rain again ten

Hold Back the River – Partitur hold back the river alt

hold back the river bass

hold back the river sopran

hold back the river tenor

hold back the river

Il est bel et bon Il est bel et bon – Sopran

Il est bel et bon (ohne Text) – Sopran

Il est bel et bon – Alt

Il est bel et bon (ohne Text) – Alt

Il est bel et bon – Tenor

Il est bel et bon (ohne Text) – Tenor

Il est bel et bon – Bass

Il est bel et bon (ohne Text) – Bass

Il est bel et bon – alle Stimmen

Imagine SATB Imagine Zwischentöne 1+2 str

Imagine Zwischentöne alt 1+2 str

Imagine Zwischentöne bas 1+2 str

Imagine Zwischentöne sop 1+2 str

Imagine Zwischentöne ten 1+2 str

In Flanders fields In Flanders Fields alt

In Flanders Fields bas

In Flanders Fields sop

In Flanders Fields ten

In flanders fields

Java Jive Java Jive alt

Java Jive bas

Java Jive sop

Java Jive ten

Krake Krake Alt

Krake Bass

Krake Solo

Krake Sop1

Krake Sop2

Krake Tenor


Make you feel my love Feel my love alt 2017

Feel my love bass 2017

Feel my love sopran 2017

Feel my love tenor 2017

Feel my love Zwischentoene 2017

Mercy Street mercy street 2017 alt

mercy street 2017 bass

mercy street 2017 sopran 1

mercy street 2017 sopran 2

mercy street 2017 tenor

mercy street 2017 Zwischentoene


MLK2020 ten1

MLK2020 sop2

MLK2020 sop1

MLK2020 bass

MLK2020 alt2

MLK2020 alt1


Putting-on-the-riz-satb Putting on the ritz bass

Putting on the ritz ten

Putting on the ritz alt

Putting on the ritz sop

Putting on the ritz

Space Oddity Zwischentöne fertig

Space Oddity

Space Oddity sop1

Space Oddity sop2

Space Oddity alt1

Space Oddity alt2

Space Oddity ten

Space Oddity bass

Space Oddity

Still havent found Still havent found alt

Still havent found bas

Still havent found sop1

Still havent found sop2

Still havent found ten

The Book of love book of love 2020 sop1

book of love 2020 sop2

book of love 2020 alt

book of love 2020 ten

book of love 2020 bas

book of love 2020

Under Pressure under pressure alt

under pressure bass

under pressure sop1

under pressure sop2

under pressure tenor


Under Preassure Underpressure Zwischentoene 2016 alt

Underpressure Zwischentoene 2016 sop1

Underpressure Zwischentoene 2016 sop2

Underpressure Zwischentoene 2016 ten

Underpressure Zwischentoene

Underpressure Zwischentöne 2016 alt

Washing of the Water Washing of the water SOP1 NEU!

Washing of the water alt

Washing of the water bas

Washing of the water sop1

Washing of the water sop 2

Washing of the water ten

Washing of the water alle



washingofthewater midi

The Water is wide (o Waly Waly) The Water is wide Alt

The Water is wide Bass

The Water is wide Sop

The Water is wide Ten

The Water is wide

Waters of the Tyne Waters of Tyne alt

Waters of Tyne bas

Waters of Tyne sop

Waters of Tyne ten

Waters of Tyne-mix

wer kann segeln ohne Wind?
You’re the voice youre the voice web

youre the voice Zwischentöne sop

youre the voice Zwischentöne alt

youre the voice Zwischentöne bass

youre the voice Zwischentöne ten